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Saturday 24 November 2018

Phase Cancellation Coffee’s Guide to Music Technology eBook

 My eBook is now live!

I can’t believe I have my own book, something for the world to experience with me! The past few days have been insane!

I have no idea where to start…

I created this book for anyone who has experienced that ‘feeling’ about music. It’s the book you can go to when you need help understanding music jargon, it covers all the terms required in studio recording, sound creation and manipulation exams - as well as for professional musicians, those learning the fundamentals of acoustics, live sound and audio production. It will also be a useful quick reference book for concert-goers, CD-collectors, music journalists and radio listeners.

A-Z entries range across a spectrum of subjects, among them: acoustics, auxiliary sends, balance, bass response, BPM, clipping, decibel, equalisation, frequency, fidelity, gain, hertz, impedance, MIDI and many more.

It is your guide, your key to understanding music industry etymology. A must have, for all aspiring music technologists.

If you wish to purchase ‘Phase Cancellation Coffee’s Guide to Music Technology’ please choose a desired format for download below…

For everyone who has shared, liked, and pre-ordered 'Phase Cancellation Coffee’s Guide to Music Technology', I cannot thank you enough for your support. I’ve had a lot of happy tears the last 24 hours.

I am beyond grateful, thank you.

My love as always,



  1. could you make this downloadable again ? :)

    1. Hey! If you click on the link above on the Etsy Store you can purchase my eBook there and have a look at other Phase Cancellation Coffee products, or click direct on the eBook link. Both links will direct you to a download. I hope this helps! KPx


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