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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Sound Asleep Playlist

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and recovering from the blue that is January!

It feels so good to be back to blogging and creating new playlists for you all, I’ve really missed it!

I’ve discovered some fantastic new artists this week! They have made me fall in love with the use of reverb on a mix all over again. I’ve added some of the new tracks in some of my previous playlists for you to have a listen to aswell. I do always update previous playlists and add new stuff all the time, so please make sure you check out when they have been updated! 

Since I came back from Paris the music I have been listening to has been experimental and acoustic so I wanted to get some playlist ideas up for you to choose between.

This week you all chose to hear my Sound Asleep Playlist!  

This Sound Asleep Playlist is incredible, there are no lyrics to focus on or distract you just pure instrumental. Those of you hoping for some crooning vocals I apologise…. okay no I don’t. The most beautiful music is created without the use of words, so I really hope you love the tracks you hear in this playlist!

As always, if you do hear a song you like or find an artist you dig remember to support the artist!

I really hope you enjoy the tranquillity from this collection.

Now, go catch up on some sleeps!


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Hearing Protection, How Relevent?

Hi everyone!

The past few weeks I have been suffering with a horrendous flu that has spanned well over Christmas into the New Year. The worst part is the ear infection I am now left with! I have seen so many of you suffering with the same thing so I wanted to make a post regarding our little ears and how to protect them!

So, listen up!

The most common cause of deafness is noise-induced hearing loss. Your risk is related to how loud the noise is, how close you are to it and how long you're exposed to it.

Your hearing depends on hair cells in the inner ear that transmit energy from sound picked up by the outer ear to the brain, through converting it to electrical impulses. Loud noises blast and irreversibly damage these cells, leading to hearing loss and sometimes tinnitus. Tinnitus is an unpleasant condition in which you hear ringing, whooshing or high-pitched whining sounds, when continuous it is extremely distressing.

Any sound can damage your hearing, some more immediate than others. A sudden loud noise like gunfire or an airplane taking off from a runway at close range can cause irreversible damage immediately. Repeated exposure to loud noise causes a more gradual hearing loss, with voices sounding muffled and distorted. Many people think that being exposed to music is the only way your hearing can be impaired, but it really can be caused in any profession at anytime.

For example;

My dad was a driver for many years. He travelled across the world for an interior design company delivering all kinds of stuff. I used to travel with him when I was young and have been very fortunate to go to the places I have. He did this job for more than 15 years. Everyday he would be in a lorry doing hundreds of miles a day exposing his ears to all kinds of sounds on the road.

My family and I noticed that my dad’s hearing had got worse, especially after he retired. Naturally as you age your hearing will be lost, that’s part of the growing old part, but his hearing had taken a dramatic spiral more than it should have. I noticed that he couldn’t hear even the little things and he was beginning to get aggravated by sounds that were not there, that’s when I took him for a hearing test.

At first he was in denial, being the proud man that he is refusing to admit that something was wrong. When the test came back it showed that he had hearing damage, quite dramatically. I looked at his test results and saw that his right ear was worse than his left ear, that’s when it hit me, driving had done that to him. All those years he would drive with the window open, in all kinds of weather. The noises from the motorway, other vehicles driving past him, construction sites he would sit outside for long periods of time, the open air. All of this had affected his hearing, but because it wasn’t instant he never noticed.

As hearing technology has improved over the years, people with hearing loss are doing things that were previously thought impossible. My dad was given hearing aids to help the frequencies he had lost, since then his hearing has improved a lot and he is grateful that he can now experience having his hearing back.

Whether you are exposed to factory noise or listening to music, risk to hearing arises from a combination of how loud the sound is and how long you are exposed to it for.

The largest study into noise-induced hearing loss in musicians was published in 2014. Three million people were examined, including 2,227 professional musicians. They found that the musicians were about four times as likely to report a new noise-induced hearing loss compared to the general population.

Unknowing to many people, a rock concert can generate around 100db to 120db, which is as loud as a chainsaw. We‘ve all experienced painful ears after leaving a gig or a club; it's not uncommon to have pain in your ears, ringing or temporary deafness. It stops after a while and when we wake up in the morning we are back to normal, but if you go to enough loud concerts, combined with listening to an MP3 player full blast the rest of the time, your ears will be damaged.

If you're at a gig or any place where you can't hear someone talk to you from two metres away or your ears start hurting, then your hair cells are being damaged. You need to stand away from speakers, just take 10 minutes out from the music every hour and ideally wear earplugs, they will evenly reduce the level of sound.

I’m a sound engineer; I expose myself to sound all day everyday for long periods at a time. I will never prevent my own hearing loss, but I can help protect my ears as much as possible by looking after them. This goes for my whole team who work tirelessly making magic with records day in day out alongside me. I have to make sure that they are in a safe environment and they are looked after.

In the UK, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations sets limits for exposure to noise. The lowest action level is an exposure of 80 dBA averaged over a working day; about as loud as a heavily trafficked street. When this action level is exceeded, employers must provide information and training and make hearing protection available. When the upper action level of 85 dBA is exceeded, then employers need to take action to reduce the noise and hearing protection becomes compulsory. Of course music frequently exceeds 80-85 dBA, but what counts in assessing the risk to hearing is the average exposure. I have to make sure my team are offered the right hearing protection and are keeping in line with the working regulations.

I have a little table of noise levels that I have attached below. I refer to this table every time I train with my team on sound frequencies and decibels. It’s always puts in perspective how damaging some noise levels can be…

I have been asked these questions recently, that is why I decided to make this blog post so I can speak openly and share a little knowledge on what I know about hearing loss and hearing protection.

“What ear protection do I need at a gig?”

“I’m a musician and I don’t want to lose my hearing at a young age, can you help me with finding some hearing protection?”

“I want to wear earplugs at a show but I don’t want to look stupid...”

“Can you recommend any rehearsal earplugs? I’m in a heavy metal band and the space I record with my band is small and it’s so noisy”

I would recommend good-quality earplugs that reduce the overall level of sound but maintain an even spectral balance so that you can still hear everything clearly when you’re at a show, although the overall level is reduced it’s safer. If you don't want to wear earplugs when you're performing, consider wearing them when you're rehearsing, as well as at gigs. Disposable solid-foam earplugs won't give you this even balance and will adversely affect your enjoyment of the music. These kinds of plugs I recommend for traveling, long journeys, sleep or mediation. You can often find suitable generic ear plugs in the good musical instrument and equipment retailers. Beware that many musicians earplugs are available in different amounts of attenuation, the greater the number of dBs of attenuation, the better overall protection they offer.

If you’re really serious about ear protection and want a long-lasting solution, I recommend making an appointment with an audiologist. An audiologist will explain all the benefits of hearing protection and take a mould of your ear to create custom made earplugs to your precise specifications that will be comfortable to wear for long periods and easy to clean and look after. Custom made earplugs will cost more, but considering that hearing damage is irreversible, if you value your ears the cost should not be taken into account.

I have used ACS (Advanced Communication Solutions) in the past for generic earplugs and custom made earplugs. Please click the website link below to have a look through their products!


Or you could checkout my very own ear protectors!

They are available to purchase on my blog store, check us out! 

I want to make people aware that hearing loss is a fucking awful thing to suffer from and that you should take as much care as possible. If you’re at a gig and you have earplugs in, please don’t think you look stupid. It’s stupid neglecting your health for appearance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a live sound environment, in a studio, in a car, at home, walking with your headphones in, just take the time to realise the underlining damage that can happen.

Even if you hate music picking up some earplugs is just as satisfying! Honest!

There are some really awesome hearing tests available online for free. So, if you’re curious as to how your hearing of frequencies is have a little go on the link below! Have a little fun!

Look after your ears kids, they are important!

Thank you for reading!

My love as always, 


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Wow! I can’t believe how quick 2017 passed by, It’s strange to get back to basics after having three months away from such a busy schedule however I am back recording, mixing and mastering your music as well as blogging.

I’ll be changing a few things this year with my blog, firstly with playlists. I’ll be using my social media to once again let you vote for the music you want to hear and posting them up monthly instead of weekly like before.

A few new sections will be added to my blog throughout the year so please keep your eyes open as the months pass.

A new store will be live with products for all you budding music fairies, there will also be a few added extras for those who are heading off to college/university to help prepare you for studying! I’m so excited to share that with you.

5th City will have a brand new website by the summer where you will be able to book in your sessions with me or my other engineers.  Please note I will only be available for specific days and weeks throughout this year because my schedule has changed. Booking a session with me will be on a first come basis for new clients so please make sure you check any updates, all existing clients the usual booking route is the same as before.

That’s all for now guys!

Thank you to everyone for such an awesome last year, I look forward to this one with you all!

All my love,


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Autumn Playlist

Wow, October went fast!

Not to fear though guys, we still have until the 21st of December to enjoy the rest of autumn… what more could you want?

Oh, yeah… a new playlist from me!

I put this playlist together for all you peaches that I know love autumn!

This is a musically pretty playlist, those who get the whole ‘music colours’ thing, will understand what I mean by this. There are a lot of those autumn colours in this collection.

It doesn’t matter what mood you are in, you’ll love a lot of these tracks here.

You all know what to do, just click the link below to be directed to my Spotify profile! As always, don’t forget to support the artist if you like their music!

Get your latte’s, scarfs and hats at the ready and go find those crunchy leaves!

Enjoy everyone!



Hi everyone!

I am finally all moved into my new house and I am currently typing this from my new home office! I just wanted to drop you a little message to let you know what’s going on over the next few months!

Huge thank you to everyone for the amount of messages I have received lately during this house move. It has been beyond stressful, only because I haven’t been able to work on any mixes or blog posts. However, I am now back to creating alllllllllll the music and mixing your albums, I am in my happy place once again!

Over the next few months there are going to be a few changes to my blog and social media accounts so if you see some areas undergoing maintenance please hold tight and we will be with you once they are done.

5th City is now closed until 1/02/18.
Our offices will be open as usual on this date. All existing clients please contact us as usual through your Client Portal if you have any questions or queries. All other enquiries, there will be an out of hours team available to respond to you. Please email

In the New Year I will be launching a new project. My team and I have been creating non-stop since January to make sure this is as perfect as possible for you all to enjoy. All information regarding this will be released late December. Keep an eye on my social media for all details!

As usual, if you need to talk to me personally hit me up on my social media anywhere at KACPage!

Thank you for being awesome peaches!

My love as always, 

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