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Saturday 21 January 2017


Hi everyone,

The passing few days have been very hard to witness, just like the next four years will be. I think we all know where I am going with this…

Seeing women, men and children fear for their life over the decisions of one man is a feeling I never wanted to witness let alone feel myself. I may not be an American citizen but I am a human, a women, a female living in this corrupt world.

Today I have watched across the world women, men and children come together in protest standing strong against the establishment. I have seen powerful statements in the 25 years I have been alive, but today I was effected more so than I realised. I am proud to be a woman, proud to have other woman on this good earth want to fight for their right, men that want to fight with us, for us, proud to have strong women as role models, icons, heroes.

Women are fucking powerful and today women showed that.

To the men, the boys who I have seen slander woman across for being a female, a feminist, a woman standing up for themselves, I have a message for you;

A woman birthed you into this world; you only exist because of a strong woman. Without a woman carrying you, loving you, protecting you, enduring pain for you, there is no way you would have been able to walk and stand tall. Remember where you are from; remember what sacrifices were made for you.

To Donald J Trump, who I will never call President, I have a message for you;

You will never make a decision for a woman’s life. You will never tell a woman what to do. You will never make a child lose hope for a better future. You will never divide a family. You will never take the right of someone’s life way. You will never be a man a nation look to for answers.

You will never take away the fuel inside someone that still has enough left to start a fire because there will be not just one woman standing in your way, but millions.
For music…

Women speak in different tongues, come from different backgrounds, different cultures, they sing and have different voices.

Listen to them.

All women are powerful.


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