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Thursday, 22 November 2018



For the last year and a half I have been working on an EBook for School/College/University students who are studying any kind of music course!

Obviously you don’t have to be studying to get your hands on a copy; this is for everyone who has any growing interest in music, audio, recording, technology, publishing or the industry.

The content of the EBook is pretty simple… it’s a glossary of technical terms from the fields of recording, audio, engineering and music technology.

All content is curated and compiled by myself and has been industry approved!


Why an EBook?

I wanted to have a one click download sent into any desktop so it can be used as an easy search for a technical term that you’re guaranteed to use in any music related assignment.  By having a one click download it can be sent to Windows/Mac or E-Reader instantly. No need to wait for delivery!

When can I purchase?

You can purchase my EBook on December 1st and is available for download worldwide! There are no restrictions for purchase!

Where can I buy?

My EBook will be available on Amazon and Phase Cancellation Coffee’s BigCartel store!

What if I don’t have an E-Reader?

No need to worry, you will receive a download compatible with various software.

Can it be downloaded on Android or Apple mobile devices?

Yes! You can always carry a copy with you wherever you go!

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone for being really patient with me the last few months. All the emails, messages and DM’s on my social media do not go unnoticed, I read every message and reply back to as many of you as I possibly can.

I hope that you forgive me for being a part time blogger at the moment and can accept this news as my sincerest apology!

Enjoy this, because I did!

My love, as always


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