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Saturday, 9 September 2017


Hi everyone!

This week I was meant to drop a new playlist and a few posts however they have had to be scheduled for a few weeks due to the fact I am FINALLY moving house!

Many of you know that I have been trying to move house for the past two years and have had no luck at all, however recently everything has fallen into place and I should be moving (fingers crossed) within the next two weeks, so I apologise for the lack of action on this brain child!

I haven’t gone dark, I promise you, and I will be back! I am just taking the time out to create happiness in my new little home.

Thank you for the messages regarding your love for my playlists and posts, I adore that I’m reaching out to so many of you!

Another little thank you for all those who have supported my companies marine conservation charity! We have raised a great sum thus far! We will be having new products over the next few months so please keep a weathered eye on our store!

I’ll see you all in a few weeks!

My love as always,

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